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Festival Hacks to Make the Most of Your Music Festival Experience

Festivals are a wonderful place to let your hair down, discover new music, and dance with a community of like-minded people. But they can also be pretty stressful if you’re not prepared!Music Festival

The festival experience can be a blast, but it’s always best to arrive prepared. Whether you’re taking photos, videoing your favourite acts or calling the family to let them know you’re not face down in a muddy puddle, running out of phone battery is a festival disaster.

The best way to avoid this is by investing in a portable power bank, which will allow you to charge your device at speed and keep it charged throughout the weekend. It’s also worth preparing your devices for the weekend by turning off any apps that require data, such as GPS or social media. This will help to conserve battery and save money on mobile data charges.

If you’re going all out, then consider purchasing a waterproof power bank, which is ideal for rainy festivals. It’ll ensure that your phone stays protected and won’t be damaged in the event of a sudden downpour or splash from a passing shower.

There are loads of options available, including the Apachie and Anker PowerCore, both of which are reliable and affordable compared to other portable charging technology that costs over PS100! You can even find solar powered ones that will charge on a sunny day and won’t run out of juice. You could even use these as a makeshift clothesline by securing them with carabiners to your tent or backpack, so you don’t have to search through your bag for the right item.

Solar Power Bank

Festival season is a time for letting loose, getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying music with like-minded people. While it can be a lot of fun, it’s also important to be prepared for the challenges that come along with it. From bringing a power bank to locking your tent, these festival hacks will help you have an even more enjoyable experience at your next music event.

Taking a solar power bank is a great way to avoid draining your phone battery at your campsite or during the day while you’re dancing away. You can buy eco-friendly options that range in capacity, so you can find one that will suit your needs.

Another useful festival hack is to bring carabiners with you to secure any small items that you don’t want stolen. For example, you can use them to lock the zippers on your backpack together so that you need a key to open it – this will make it harder for thieves to steal from you. You can also use them to create a makeshift clothesline by attaching your wet clothing or towels to the carabiners so that they can dry quickly.

Bin Bags

There is nothing worse than a dirty campsite at a festival so bin bags are a must for keeping yours looking clean and tidy. They are also useful for seperating your clean clothes from your dirty ones as well as creating a makeshift poncho if the weather turns foul. They can also be used as liners for your car boot which will protect your clothes and shoes from any dampness you may encounter on the way home.

Another essential for a clean campsite is toilet paper. It can be difficult to find TP at festivals especially if you are camping so bringing your own is a sure fire way to avoid the situation from turning into that toilet scene in Trainspotting. Bin bags can be used to store your TP as well as a waste bag to dispose of it once you have finished.

Finally, bin bags are also handy for making a makeshift clothesline to keep your wet and muddy clothes off the ground and away from the rest of your belongings. They can be tied together with carabiners to create a makeshift drying system, they are also a great way to hang any items of clothing that need airing such as your waterproofs or raincoat. Alternatively they can be used to cover any leaky areas of your tent such as the windows or the roof. They are even useful for storing your valuables in if you have to leave your tent or are going to be attending a music festival that isn’t family-friendly.

Frozen Water Bottles

Music festival season is a time to enjoy your favorite bands, meet new people, and unwind in the summer sun. But even if you’re an experienced festival-goer or a first-time camper, it’s always good to have a few helpful hacks up your sleeve to make sure you stay safe and comfortable throughout the weekend.

One of the best hacks for festivals is to freeze water bottles ahead of time. This will help save space in your cooler and also allow them to melt more slowly so you can still use them for drinks over the course of the day. The Kitchn notes that you don’t need to limit this trick to just water bottles; Gatorade and juice will work just as well for a more versatile solution to the usual cooler-fog-problem.

Another great hack is to bring along a BoomBoom Nasal Inhaler to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the fest. The small, portable inhaler contains essential oils and menthol that can help boost your energy levels to help you feel refreshed. Plus, the easy-to-carry size makes it perfect for festival-goers!


Wellies (or Wellington Boots) are an essential item of footwear for festival-goers, particularly in the UK where it’s often rainy and muddy. These boots are a great way to keep feet dry and protect from the elements, plus they come in lots of fun colours and patterns so you can add some personality to your outfit.

If you’re travelling with children, a clever mum has revealed a festival hack that could help you locate them much quicker if they go missing in the crowd. Navit Schechter from Manchester has suggested that you get your child to wear a brightly coloured pair of wellies, which will make it easier for other festival-goers to spot them in a sea of people.

It’s also worth bringing a waterproof poncho and space blanket, paracetamol, immodium, sunblock, cheap sunglasses, powerbank, tissues/wipes/bogroll and hand sanitiser. Pack a small bumbag with these essentials to make your experience at the festival a little less stressful, especially if you’re planning on spending most of your time in the toilet queues!

If you have trouble finding wellies that fit, you can also check out The Wide Welly Company, which designs and manufactures a range of adjustable calf strap wellies. These are ideal for those with wider calves and can comfortably accommodate thicker socks. It’s also considered proper welly etiquette to wear your boots with a bit of a ‘lived-in’ look, but remember to rinse and air dry them afterwards to avoid blooming (white, powdery coating on the rubber surface). For more tips and hacks, check out our guide to Festival Camping.


Music festivals can be a great deal of fun but they’re also notoriously grubby and uncomfortable. Whether you’re a seasoned festival goer or you’re making your first appearance at Coachella, the right gear will make the difference. From creating a captivating campsite with LED lights and tapestries, to providing privacy and comfort with microfiber towels, these festival hacks will help you get the most out of your experience. Click through to discover 9 of our favorite festival camping essentials.